Master Plan

January 18, 2018

There is a new article under Science Fiction, SMR Power Capacity.

Finally the website is up and running.

The Thorium Question

I cannot shake these dreams. It is like taking a peek into the future. What are we going to do?

These ideas came in my dreams, more than once but I will never tell you about the nightmares if we do nothing. 

Blubot - An Introduction to Robotics

In 2015, I submitted a robot photo, Blubot, in the Mouser Electronics Empowering Innovation Challenge with Grant Imahara. Blubot was among the first 200 entries.. I received the "Letting My Genius Prevail t-shirt" and the Mouser backscratcher. I had more fun programming the Arduino Uno microcontroller than anything else. It was fun to build it and using my knowledge in electronics to try different circuits without destroying them. Yet, the programming Blubot was a lot of fun.